What makes The Reading Lab's services so cost effective?
  • The Reading Lab offers both on-site training and online off-site training. Most of our clients
    work on their own computers or iPads at home.
  • Our off-site online service makes expert help available to families who live in remote locations
    or have difficulty scheduling office appointments for their child's learning needs.
  • We don't offer school wide programs. We don't try to train teachers to become educational
    consultants. There is no option to buy in bulk, since we are selling therapy, not software.
  • We do, however, help schools to implement our programs on a case by case basis.
  • We provide intensive reading/learning therapy without driving up the cost.
  • There are no unexpected fees.
  • We don’t charge any software license fees for our Level 1 Core Cognitive Skill Programs or
    Level 2 online Reading Skills Programs; we cover all the expenses.
  • However, besides these core therapy programs, we offer Brainware Safari and The Listening
    Program for an additional fee (see the information on these special programs).
  • We start at the right level with scientifically proven intervention.
  • Many of our clients score 3 to 5 years below grade level when they start with The Reading
    Lab. Our screening with the Diagnostic Online Reading Test will give you a clear picture of
    the student's skills compared to grade level expectations.
  • Spending time and money to help your child with homework doesn't address the root problem.
    If the assignments are too hard, the student's skills will not improve. The gap will keep getting
    wider and discouragement will set in. The stress at home and at school can be extremely high
    when assignments are at the wrong level.
  • In contrast, our online programs start at the right level. The improvements are rapid and life-
    changing. We use scientifically proven intervention programs that are based on neuroscience
  • We get a commitment before we start.
  • For Level 1 & 2 training, expect our clients to use their online programs for 30 minutes a day,
    5 days a week. More hours than this is even better. Teens and young adults can set a goal of
    50 to 90 minutes a day. You get an individual license that cannot be transferred or shared. In
    most cases, we start with a 6 month contract with the option to continue. It is similar to buying
    a magazine subscription. The Reading Lab will faithfully deliver the magazine, but it is up to
    you to read the magazine. Our contracts are non-refundable.
  • We encourage families and schools to cooperate in creating a 4-6 month window of time in
    which other demands are drastically reduced so that the client can focus on intervention.
  • Eliminate assignments that cannot be completed independently at school: You can share The
    Reading Lab's screening report with your child's teacher. You can talk to the principal or
    school-based team. If you want to do intervention at home, explain your goal to the school.
    You may need to sign something saying that your child's curriculum at school will be adapted
    for now. Be very clear that all school assignments should stay at school, not be sent home.
    Initially, this may feel confrontational. In actual fact, you are being vulnerable. You are being
    honest about the problems and asking for a reprieve from unrealistic demands. Often schools
    allow the student to do the training on campus during the regular school day. You will need to
    get consent from your school if this is an option.
  • Eliminate other lessons: Does your child participate in music lessons or tutoring? What about
    swimming lessons and sports teams? Try to clear your child's schedule.
  • Find an adult facilitator who will be available daily: Children and teens need help getting
    started with our online programs. At first, an adult facilitator will need to sit beside the student.
    If you can't do it, ask for help from your school or hire a helper.
  • By being very clear about setting the stage for success, we get results. Our personalized,
    intensive method is based on neuroscience research which has proven that the brain is
    plastic. With dedicated effort, you can expect life-changing results!
Intensive Online Intervention for
Level 1 & 2 Cognitive Skills and Literacy
When Training at Home/School

Our programs are for people who are functioning far below
their potential or gifted students who wish to gain a competitive
academic edge. Unlike tutoring which goes on for years, we
treat the source of the problem rapidly and effectively.

We offer a free consult, flat monthly rates and unlimited
consultation. We use scientifically proven software programs
to help people with learning disorders, processing disorders,
dyslexia, autism, Asperger's and ADD/ADHD. Gifted students
use the program to maximize their learning efficiency, giving
them a performance edge in their academic pursuits.
      Contracts Available for as Low as $350 a Month
Clinical Supervised Intervention for
Cognitive Skills and Literacy
When Training at The Reading Lab

For students living near our clinic, there is the option to have
some or all of their Level 1 & 2 training done under our direct
clinical supervision. This option works well for students who
respond better when away from the home environment and is
required  for students seeking advanced Level 3 skills training.

This option is also for students enrolling in Advanced/Speed
Reading or Grammar/Writing
          Contracts Available for 1-3 Days/Week
Funding and Payment Sources

  • Flexible Medical Spending Plans (FMSP)
  • Our services may qualify for IRS Medical Tax Exemption
  • Credit Card Auto-Payments for Families
  • This site does not have a shopping cart. We issue
    professional invoices from a secure server. If you are
    interested in one of our programs, we will collect a
    prepayment or set up a monthly auto-pay for the duration
    of your contract.
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