The Reading Lab
A Division of Walston Speech Language & Reading Clinic, Inc.
Optimising learning through neuroscience...with reading at the heart of everything we do!
Who We Are & How We're Different Levels of Training Offered Is My Child a Candidate? Getting Started Is Easy
Who We Are
The Reading Lab, a division of Walston Speech Language & Reading
Clinic, Inc.,  is a specialized reading clinic that utilizes proven training
techniques and the latest brain research and neuroscience designed software
to accelerate and optimize reading and learning performance - preparing
students for a lifetime of academic success.
Since 2005, The Reading Lab specializes in cognitive and reading skill training for all
types of learners. Clinical populations that are appropriate for this training
be diagnosed with any of the following:
Dyslexia and other reading difficulties
Auditory processing disorders
Language difficulties/delays
Attention Deficit Disorder
Executive functioning issues
High functioning autism
English language development
General academic weaknesses
And gifted/talented who need to train their brains to work at top efficiency

Training options offered by The Reading Lab:
In our NASA/Clear Lake clinic;
At home on you own computer;
Or on participating school or day care campuses.
Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Child
Reading is the most important skill a person has to learn. It lays the foundation for all other academic
skills and a lack of competency in reading greatly inhibits success in life. Neuroscientists tell us that reading
is one of the most difficult skills we learn in a lifetime.
Cognitive Training is the first level of intervention
to prepare a student's brain for a lifetime of academic success.  
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Founder/Executive Director,
Lila Macaluso
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